After I had my stomach removed, I had a huge scar from the center of my rib cage to the top of my pubic bone that skirted around a newly placed belly button. After my initial surgery to remove my stomach, that wound was everything. It wasn’t healing, it was red, and it started to re-open. That was bad news because that meant there was infection on the inside. That alone makes my heart race to this day to think about the reopening of my nasty wound. That incision put me back in the hospital totally unprepared for what was ahead of me and completely unprepared for a sepsis diagnosis. Fast forward (there is much to be told about that period of time at a later date) to my recovery at home with a healthy healing incision with the exception of the area around my belly button. Obviously, it’s a difficult location to keep dry and exposed to air, especially after my God-given belly button had been so graciously re-designed. What was most annoying was that this small spot of about an inch around my belly button would not heal and it left small permanent marks of fluid on my shirt. I returned to my surgeon three times specifically for this issue and for three months in a row, he put me on an antibiotic that never fully healed the area. I was already afraid of too many antibiotics, and after three months with no results, I said, “No more.”

I was so fortunate to have an amazing home health nurse during all of my healing. When someone is rooting around and cleaning out your stomach cavity (felt that way) and all up in your business, you become pretty close. When I mentioned that spot wouldn’t heal, she said, “Oh, just put silver on it.”  My first response was, “Will I turn blue?”  Don’t we all remember the man who took too much silver that he turned blue?  She laughed and told me what to buy and assured me I would not turn blue.

When I ordered the Sovereign Silver (she was very specific), she told me to take it one of two ways or both. To put directly on my wound and cover it with a band-aid or put it under my tongue and take it daily.  I opted for putting it directly on the unhealing spot. I simply used the dropper that comes in the bottle, put it on a cotton ball, and covered it with a band-aid to keep it in place.  Do you know that after 3 months of antibiotics that didn’t come close to healing it, that spot was healed in just a couple of days?

While I only use it as needed, many people take it under their tongue daily to keep infections at bay. It’s tasteless.  In our house, I buy the largest bottle you can buy as we have found many amazing uses for silver. One, any time we have a wound that is sketchy, out comes the silver. A friend’s dog bit me a few years ago, and I had 3 puncture wounds in my hand, one pretty painful and progressively getting worse. I stuck that cotton ball of silver on the spot, and it took the pain, redness, and whatever infection was brewing away and healed in a matter of days.

Because I have read a lot about silver and its uses, I purchased a fine mist sprayer and filled it with silver. My son, who is prone to breakouts, sprays it on his face daily.  I read amazing stories of kids who cleared their skin with silver, and sure enough, the silver cleared my son’s face. The only issue is getting a teenage boy to do anything consistently. 🙂 We also have silver-infused pillowcases (for the skin breakouts) after we noticed he mostly broke out on the side of his face he slept on. We also use it in the nasal spray. You can purchase it in the nasal sprayer bottle, or we also put a few drops in our sinus rinse when my allergy/sinus child and husband are starting to get sinus infections. We also put a few drops in their nebulizer if necessary.

By putting silver in there, it gets up in all those tiny bones that are difficult to clear of infection and in your lungs, and, in my opinion, a miracle happens. For years, my two oldest were always on antibiotics for sinus and ear infections.

Any time I feel like I dodged the use of antibiotics these days, I feel like I deserve my Super Mom cape. So little effort, so little cost, no long-term side effects, and complete healing.

Around the house, I put the same silver above in a spray bottle of water to disinfect countertops and clean the house as well.

For all those reasons, Silver is a staple in our house. There are people who actually make it. Might add that to my bucket list for the future. In the meantime, my big bottles get us by.

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